Create a mark and make it evolve

An important challenge that affects the identity, the authority, and the ability to reassure a company. C24web has an internal division that has been dealing with Brand Identity for 30 years: the creatives of Vittorio Mancini & Associati.

Companies have always relied on their expertise to be guided in building a winning and competitive corporate brand, to communicate in a coherent, reliable, credible and above all effective way the essence of their brand.

The web and creativity still together, therefore, with the common goal of increasing your business volume.

Brand is…

The soul of every commercial action, which aims to build an identity for the spread of its business. Its purpose is to be able to involve the aimed target. And if you engage, you sell.

The guarantee of success. Trust and familiarity in recognizing the distinctive and unique features of the company. The customer loves what he knows and buys from those he trusts. Thus, from you.

Strategy. It stirs emotions and stimulates memory by creating a close relationship between the consumer, product and every form of communication linked to the process of building a corporate identity. Memory is affection, it is habit. Even buying.

Mark and Brand: a substantial difference

Each company is a unique company, with its own personality and its own “brand”.

The “mark”, on the other hand, the “brand”, is quite different: it represents the evolution of the trademark both in an emotional and abstract sense. It is the perception of promises according to the positioning of the company.

The radical transformation, over time, of the very concept of “brand” has distorted the meaning of the term, giving it a much deeper value. Its components, the identifying (Brand Identity) and the evaluation (Brand Image), are the subject of specific industry studies, having now established the strategic importance for a successful business.

What is your promise to the consumer? What image do you want to give of your company? What do you want to communicate?

The experts of Vittorio Mancini & Associates, who for 30 years have been involved in branding, packaging and shaping design, can help you give consistent and interesting answers for consumers, answers that will be the reason why of your brand, the unique motivation for which the customer must choose you and the competitive leverage that can get your business off the ground.

All this because only by building a strong and recognizable brand you can rise above the average, standing in a prominent position compared to the too many competitors that crowd the Marketplace today.

The study, construction and promotion of a correct corporate image is the first fundamental step to the success of any communication strategy. And they require time and professionalism.

Like the one that the C24web and Vittorio Mancini & Associates team make available to their customers.

Positioning issue

The visibility of the brand is connected to everything that distinguishes its presence in the market and positioning. Communication consistency becomes essential in order to facilitate the recognition of the brand, suggest its quality and aim to increase the brand awareness.

Constantly confirming one’s outward identity, innovating and stimulating the market with ad hoc advertising campaigns, carefully studying the market itself are just some of the steps to be taken in synergy with industry experts to influence perception of a brand and design medium- and long-term branding strategies.

Being aware of these elements is our job