On-line is different

Planning and managing advertising on social channels – and digital in general – today can really make a difference to your business.

Digital media, unlike off-line media, allows you to reach targets less wide than a traditional television advertising campaign, but more targeted: and increase the targeting of the message and its creativity on the web universe has its advantages.

The advertising spaces within social networks, blogs, discussion groups are now very widespread, and knowing the peculiarities of this type of messages is the basis of every winning media planning.

Unlike traditional advertising, which proposed ads based on the knowledge of a site’s page or the documents it contains, social adv relies on user information.


This information shared and co-built among friends and acquaintances, has a very high diffusive power, because they are based on the trust that is established among people.

Thus, here is a real new model of communication and relationship, but above all marketing and business, which must be analyzed and addressed in a different way.

It is unlikely that a member of a social network will be caught by a banner: his attention is focused on communicating with other users, exchanging opinions. The social network thus becomes the ideal place to spread the values of its brand, its products through discussion groups, opinion leaders, videos.

This approach to future buyers, reached through a widespread network of knowledge, will create both a real sales network with boundless potential, and a “spontaneous” promotional activity.

Not just social

Planning an online campaign means analyzing and knowing the market, the various forms of digital media with their synergies and the level of user liking, carefully assessing the campaigns of competitors, socio-demographic profiles and so forth.

In other words, it requires specific expertise, the exclusive preserve of experienced consultants in the field, able to identify the ideal strategy for achieving certain communication objectives at the lowest possible cost.

Only at this point you can proceed to the real planning and purchase of the spaces from a multi-channel perspective, establishing the actions to be taken and the objectives for each individual communication platform.

The click is not enough

It is therefore possible to maximize the results of a multi-channel digital campaign. Just focus on quality, creativity and integration, starting from a detailed and more diverse media planning possible.

However, it is equally important to understand and verify what happens “after the click”, in the phase of interaction between customer and brand: that is why planning must always be combined with a know-how on measurement, data analysis and consulting, so that you can make effective decisions based on phenomena that the data does not show.